Facilities and equipment

Facilities and equipment

Computer Education Centre

Our Computer Education Centre was opened in 1975 and is widely used for computer education, research and administrative duties.

At the end of 1995 a LAN system was established on campus which after various upgrades is now a gigabit class network and in 2008 an environmentally friendly virtual server was installed.

In 2013 the computers were renewed to allow students to run both Windows and Linux systems on them while our state-of-the-art network boot system allows us to overcome even power outages.

In June 2010 the installation of 120 new computers licensed to Microsoft’s MSDN AA programme allows students to utilize a wide suite of software specific to their needs.

The college IT network has been extended to benefit local elementary and secondary schools as well as private houses to create the Yuge-jima Network System. It is open to the local community and provides various seminars, lectures and counseling on IT issues.

AV facilities

Our assembly rooms contain our main audiovisual resource facilities. These classrooms are equipped with the latest in audiovisuals resources including high-resolution TVs, projectors, BS tuners, large screens, etc. These resources are used extensively for everyday class activities.

The library also has a video-corner for the viewing of videos and DVDs as well as various resources for creating our own educational materials.

In the future we have a plan to establish a multimedia educational platform that allied to satellite communications as well as our extensive in-school LAN network will allow us to share information within our campus and beyond connecting us to other colleges as well as to our local community.


The library stocks a varied selection of around 76,000 published materials on general culture, technical subjects as well as reference books. 7 different daily newspapers are available as well as 49 different magazines, a wide range of reading materials including test papers, English books, novels, DVDs and journals are also available for lending. For published materials falling within the Copyright Act students may pay to make copies of those materials.

The library is open from 08.30 until 18.00 on weekdays and from 10.00 until 16.00 at the weekends. It is possible to borrow three books every two weeks.

The library is open to community residents who are free to use it under similar conditions to our students.

Training Ship Yuge Maru

Our training ship the Yuge Maru was built to the latest specifications and provides a resource for practical, hands-on training as well as a useful research tool for faculty and students alike.

The latest LAN technology allows for the direct exchange of information between ship and shore and for research into the developing field of shore command control technologies.

Licensed coastal waters – No. 4 level vessel
Main dimensions length 40.0m, width 8.0m, 3.3m in depth
Gross tonnage 240 tons
Range about 2,300 nautical miles
Max speed about 13.75 knots
Main engine Daihatsu 6D, M-24 SL diesel engine
Main generator 2 units (187.5 KVA)
Shaft generator (150 KVA)
Capacity 9 crew, 44 students 3 others, total 56

Navigation console, Engine console, CRT display unit, Bow thruster (1 ton thrust), Stern thruster (1 ton thrust)

Training ship Hamakaze

Mooring facilities

The new boathouse completed in January 2011 has a distinctive design and is used for both classes and club activities as well as storing lifeboats and cutters.

Structure: steel frame
Floors: 2
Total area: 718sq. meters
Main facilities and equipment: Cutter, Yacht, Lifeboat, Life-raft, Boat davit, Tide gauge

Trainig Workshop

■Main machinery

NC milling machine, NC Electrical Discharge machine, NC wire-cut Electrical Discharge machine, drilling machine, shaper, all-purpose manufacturing device, lathe, woodworking lathe, radial drilling machine, welding machine, air-plasma cutting machine, automated welding equipment, circular saw, jig saw, precision bench lathe, milling machine, robot welder, YAG laser cutter/welder, freezer, air-conditioning test equipment.