Caring for our environment

Caring for our environment

1. Basic principles

Blessed as we are to be surrounded by abundant natural wealth and cognisant of both current and future global environmental issues Yuge National College of Maritime Technology is committed, through action and research, to conduct ourselves in harmony with our local environment and to develop measures that reduce the burden that our actions place upon the environment.

2.Basic policies

  • Through education and research be aware of the impact of our actions and endeavour to minimize their effects upon the environment.
  • Continuously promote research and education in to environmental protection and improvement as well as work together with our local community on environmental conservation.
  • Ensure that we comply with all environment-related laws, ordinances, regulations, etc,.
  • Strive to achieve these aims through co-operation between faculty and students.
  • Under our environmental management structure continuously review our actions and policy with the aim of improving our strategies and their implementation.

This policy has been widely disseminated across the college and the local community and is well known to both students and all members of staff.

Yuge National College of Maritime Technology  President  Ryuichi Kimura